Star Trek

There is nothing more spectacular that showing up to your flying field with a Remote Control

Star Trek Enterprise-D !!!

Check out the build thread on RCGroups -

The Enterprise is a great flying airplane with very gentle handling and a pretty wide speed range. It is a 3 channel system with Aileron, Elevator and Throttle so any 3 channel or higher radio will work. It is fully aerobatic and with the recommended power system it can go vertical right into space!

Check out this great video review by JoeHandsome99 or Around Tuit RC !
I am offering this plane as a CNC Cut Foam kit out of White Model Plane Foam. There is a very detailed build guide that comes with the kit that explains every step of the build in detail including pictures that show the progress.

The kit goes together very easily with as there are not very many pieces to the kit. You will need to provide all of the build hardware: Carbon Tubing, Carbon Flats, Gorilla Glue, and Pushrod wire.

The recommended hardware uses the very popular and low cost Brushless Motor, 1300mah to 1800mah 11.1v 3s Lipo Battery and 9g Hextronic Servos.

The build guide provides links for all hardware that is needed.

I am now offering this kit with custom designed printed skins - Ready for applying! The skins are printed on tissue paper and designed to be applied with the "decoupage" method. This makes a beautiful highly detailed plane that has a nice glossy finish.

Now if you want to be even more out there my friend that designed the Enterprise-D Skins has skins for other Galaxy Class Starships along with Custom Skins at his site -

The pictures show how the final product will look.

If you are looking for the plane that will definitely draw a crowd the Enterprise-D is it!
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Enterprise-D Build Guide
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