My First NON-Space Kit - The AV8 Harrier

I have always loved the Harrier. I have thought about making a VTOL version of it for a long time and after watching so many people try it, I decided to just try for a STOL version. Hovering is just too hard!

So I designed the Harrier to be Big and Floaty. Had to have anhedral for sure, and i wanted it to be at least a partial ducted fan. I ended up with a plane that is 53" Long with a 36" Span. The Wing Area when you include the horizontal surfaces is 615 sq inches! If you build it light enough you will definitely have a plane that looks like it is hovering to the ground.

The plane uses a lot of mixes to get everything flying right so a computer radio is a must. I put a servo on every control surface so i could mix everything together and get the darn anhedral elevators to work too. I have the elevators mixed in with ailerons so they help with roll. But this thing really shines when you drop in the flaps. Drop on Full Flaps and this thing will nearly levitate off the ground. It definitely slows it way down too.

 It is fully aerobatic but not a 3D plane. The anhedral wings make it a little sloppy in the rolls but it looks scale if you have ever seen a Harrier rolling. I put the battery low on the plane to help with stability and it does seem to do the job, Overall it is a nice flying plane and it looks amazing when it is flying!

Check out the build thread on RCGroups

Here is a video of the Prototype Maiden Flight.
I am offering this plane as a CNC Cut Foam kit out of the White Model Plane Foam. There is a very detailed build guide that comes with the kit that explains every step of the build in detail including pictures that show the progress.

The kit goes together very easily with as there are not very many pieces to the kit. You will need to provide all of the build hardware: Carbon Tubing, Carbon Flats, Gorilla Glue, and Pushrod wire and some wheels.

The recommended hardware uses the very popular and low cost Brushless Motor, 1300mah to 1800mah 11.1v 3s Lipo Battery and 9g Hextronic Servos.

The build guide provides links for all hardware that is needed.
Profile Harrier Specifications
ˇ Wingspan: 36”
ˇ Length: 53”
ˇ Flying Weight: 16oz.
ˇ Thrust using recommended power system: 22 oz!

Recommended Hardware:

ˇ Motor: Turnigy 2210-1400 (210 Watt) Brushless Motor

ˇ ESC: 18 amp or larger

ˇ Servos: Hextronic 9g and 5g servos (1 of each)

ˇ Battery: 1300 – 1800 mah 11.1v 3s 20c Lithium Polymer battery

Note: This is an unassembled kit only. I am supplying the foam and downloadable instructions only.
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Profile Harrier

Harrier Build Thread